Hurricane Irma Updates

Monday, September 11, 2017

1736 EST 9/11/17: Irma is already in Georgia and continuing moving northeast toward Birmingham and Memphis.

0925 EST 09/11/17: Hurricane Irma is plummeting Florida, Georgia , South Carolina, Alabama and soon Tennessee. See the list of properties that are closed due to no power. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the all the residents at those properties. Please know, the Millennia team is working hard to make sure you are taken care of.

Currently closed: 


Blossom Hill (Macon, GA)

Ava Park (Griffin, GA)

Majestic Gardens (Macon, GA)

Ballard Way (Columbus, GA)

Forest Cove (Atlanta, GA)


Stonybrook Apartments (Riviera Beach, FL)

Cordoba Courts (Opa Locka, FL)

Update: 1736 EST 09/11/17

Update: 0925 EST 09/11/17